What Size Carpet For Bedroom?

How magnificent it would feel when you get off your bed in the morning and a large fluffy cushion is waiting for you under your foot. Well, that is your carpet, which can elevate the comfort and style of your bedroom by giving it textures, patterns, and colors. But what size carpet for bedroom would work best? How Much Does Carpet Cost For 3 Bedrooms?

It is essential to deliberate this as the right carpet side can enhance the cozy environment of a room, or it can make your room look small and congested. And you don’t want such a thing to happen to you, right?

What Size Carpet For Bedroom

So, to help you out, we’ve assembled a few tips according to the size of your bedroom and the furniture over it. This way, you will get a better idea about what size you should prefer to carpet your bedroom without wasting much material.

What Area You Want To Carpet In Your Bedroom?

What Area You Want To Carpet In Your Bedroom

Generally, people have different perceptions and ideas about what area they want to cover in their bedroom. Some of them like to carpet wall-to-wall, while a few want to rug up the floor above the bed or furniture.

This is because they have a perception that the carpet covering a whole room’s area creates an illusion of a congested and dark room. On the other hand, a few perceive that a fully carpeted room brings out the insulating and hushing adobe.

Hence, it totally depends on how you want your carpet to be in your bedroom.

What Size Carpet For Bedroom?

What Size Carpet For Bedroom

In a bedroom, the carpet’s size totally depends upon the size of your room and bed. With this, the quantity and size of furniture also make a huge difference. So, to avoid messing up the aesthetics of your room, don’t be extra creative while choosing the shape of the carpet.

Instead, buy a rectangular or square-shaped rug, and if you want to give a rug-over-rug decor underneath furniture, then buy a circular or square-shaped low pine rug of different fabrics and colors.

To know the exact size of carpet for each bedroom type, let’s divide rooms and beds as per their size and then try to break down the area you need to carpet your room one by one.

Carpeting A Small Area Of The Bedroom

Carpeting A Small Area Of The Bedroom

While choosing a carpet for a small area, such as for an area covering a bed or elevated to a few pieces of furniture, the only thumb rule you have to follow is to buy at least 1 to 3-foot extra large carpet so that you can easily leave space between the rug and the wall and extend the rug’s area beyond the foot of the bed.

  • If you have a full-size or double bed measuring around 54″ x 74″ inches, get a 6ft x 9ft rug.
  • If you have a twin bed of 38″ x 75″ inches, get a 5ft x 8ft rug for your bedroom.
  • If you have a queen or king-size bed, then 8’x10′ for a Queen and 9ft x 12ft for a King will work best for your perfect rug purchase.

There are a few more conditions that we can look upon for a perfect purchase, and that is:

  • If you want to carpet a nightstand or side bench with a full-size bed, then you can make an extension of 2 to 3 feet, depending on the size of your furniture.
  • If you are planning to cover the whole area, you generally walk over and want to leave areas of the corner. Then, you can measure the region first and then make a purchase.

Carpeting A Large Area Of The Bedroom

Carpeting A Large Area Of The Bedroom

A large bedroom is usually more spacious and airy in comparison to a smaller one. The good news is you can play a little with the texture and color as per the decor of your room.

Excited, right? But here comes the big headache, and that is choosing the right size of rug. Because a more spacious room brings more attention to a non-fixed, extra large, or extra-small carpet placement. To avoid such a situation,

  • If you choose a large rug that fills up most of the room, leave at least 6 to 8 inches of space between the edges of the rug and the walls.
  • If you are carpeting a king-size bed, place an 8ft x 10ft rug to cover the bed to the side table area.
  • You can leave 3ft of rug on either side of the bed to create the illusion of a large and spacious room.
  • You can choose a 12ft x 15ft rug if you want your bed and nightstands to sit on the carpet.
  • If you are carpeting a twin bed, fill the area with an 8ft x 10ft or 6ft x 9ft rug.
  • To fill the space around the bed, lay a 3ft x 5ft or smaller rug on either side of the bed and the gap between two beds.

Always remember to leave extra space to layer the bare floor. This will give a vibe of well-finished flooring and an extra cozy environment. For more accuracy, you can use this calculator.

How To Carpet Children’s Room?

How To Carpet Children's Room

Well, yes, the size of the carpet varies as per size and the number of beds. Because usually, the children’s room beds are smaller in comparison to the elder’s ones. Therefore, to carpet such areas well,

  • Place a 5ft x 8ft rug for a crib bed (for infants or children under 3 years) of dimension 52″ long and 28″ wide.
  • For toddler beds ( 2-5-year-old children), you can choose the same rug size as the crib one or go for a few feet long, depending on the bed size.
  • Lay a 5ft x 8 ft rug in your children’s bedroom if it has a twin bed of 38″ x 75″ inches in length.
  • Unroll a 6ft x 9ft rug for a Twin XL bed of 38″ x 80″ inches length.

Tips To Place Carpet In Your Bedroom

Tips To Place Carpet In Your Bedroom

It’s obvious to be puzzled about which area of the room is better for carpeting and which is not. This is because there is a lot of large and small furniture around the bed, which you can either include or exclude from your carpet area.

Here are some simple tips that can help you in rug placement:

  • Always buy a 2ft to 3ft extra large carpet according to the size of your bed.
  • For extra warmth, choose a berber or loop carpet for your bedroom.
  • If you have a queen or king-size bed, then consider placing the rug under the bottom two-thirds of your bed. That way, you’ll get a few inches of rug exposed on all the sides of the bed.
  • Always choose neutral or muted pastel colors for the rug, such as beige, white, blue, etc.

How Do You Fix Carpet Size Issues Without Replacing Them?

If you have already brought a carpet and found that the size does not match the area, your room, or your bed, then don’t panic because we’ve got a few tips that will help you tackle such a situation.

Let’s have a look!

  • If you have chosen a smaller area rug measuring 5ft x 7ft or smaller, and you have a large king-size bed, then layer the rug on top of a different texture, such as jute, sisal, etc. Other than this, you can buy a similar fabric that matches the color and texture of the carpet.
  • If you have an extra large rug, then you can curl or cram it up against the wall or cut it in a proper manner. Also, place a nightstand and side table above the carpet to balance out the extension.
  • If you have brought a fixed-size carpet, then you can place an area rug of 7ft x 10ft just under the edge of the bed. By this, you can place a nightstand or side table over it.


It is essential to have a clear idea about what size carpet for the bedroom is best to have. For this, you need to measure the size of the bed and add 2ft to 3ft to your result.

If you want to cover the furniture area, then you can extend the size of your measurement to the area of movables. By this, you will end up getting an accurate proportion of carpet without making it a burden to cut or fold.


What carpet material works best in a bedroom?

If you are buying a brand-new carpet for your bedroom, then you can opt for a nylon, wool, or polyester rug. These materials are soft and fibrous and have a thick pile, which is extra durable in comparison to other options.

How big a rug do you need to carpet a 12 x 12 room?

To carpet a 12 x 12 room, you need to buy a 10ft x 10ft rug so that you can leave at least 15–25 inches of space between the edge of the rug and the wall.

Does carpet make a room look bigger?

A fixed fitted carpet creates the illusion of a small or congested room, whereas if you buy a carpet 2ft to 3ft larger than the bed area, you can definitely make your room look bigger.

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