What Is Olefin Carpet?

Polyester, nylon, wool, olefin, and silk there are so many types of carpet you can choose from, but have you ever thought about how is this polyester carpet made? What is olefin carpet made from?

When shopping for a carpet, the first thing many people look for is the color and pattern of the carpet.

However, along with the appearance of the carpet, it is also important to examine the fiber, its construction, and the density of the fiber.

What Is Olefin Carpet

If you are thinking of buying a new carpet, then Olefin carpet is the one to consider. Its versatile and budget-friendly components make it second on the list of must-buy carpets (nylon being the number one).

Let’s dive into the guide of what olefin carpet is.

What is Olefin Carpet?

Also known as polypropylene, a type of plastic that is water resistant and doesn’t react with acid or basis. This plastic is so common that you also use it in your daily life.

As Olefin carpet is a synthetic carpet fiber mainly made with plastic, it is best suited for places that have the potential for water impairment.

The Process Of Making Olefin Carpet

As we discussed, olefin carpet is a synthetic carpet fiber made from a type of plastic. Now let’s understand the process of making it.

polypropylene plastic pellets

The Olefin carpets are made using a machine called a spinneret, where polypropylene plastic pellets are melted down and forced through this device, turning them into thick strands.

These strands are then quickly cooled to solidify. In the next step, these strands are woven into a carpet, making the carpet sturdier as compared to the carpets woven using fine strands.

Why Should You Buy Olefin Carpets?

After nylon carpet fiber, Olefin is the second most used carpet fiber. Here are some pros of this carpet fiber that will convince you to buy it.

Why should you buy Olefin Carpets- Stain- Resistant

1. Stain- Resistant

One of the most talked about advantages of the olefin carpet is its property of repelling stains. That means whenever you spill any liquid, it rolls straight off the carpet, making it pool at the bottom of it.

Even the stain of a highlighter can be easily cleaned in an olefin carpet.

You can easily absorb the stain using a clean towel before treating it with a commercial carpet cleaner.

2. Reasonable

As Olefin carpet fiber has a low production cost, it is considered inexpensive compared to nylon or polyester. So if budget is the primary concern for you, then going for Olefin carpet is the best option.

3. Water And Mold-Resistant

water and mold resistant

The fact that olefin fiber is made from plastic-type material makes it water resistant and wicks away any dampness that can result in the formation of mold.

4. Static-Free

Many people forget about looking for a static-free property when buying a carpet, but it is an important one to consider.

Because of its static-free property, olefin carpets are ideal for rooms with computers, electronics, or playrooms and in places with dry and arid weather conditions.

5. Pet-Friendly

Pet friendly carpet

If you are a pet parent, the Olefin carpet is your ideal purchase. The reason behind this is the water and stain-resistance properties of the carpet fiber.

This fiber also prevents odor from retaining in the carpet, which many natural fiber carpets do.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Olefin Carpets?

Although Olefin carpets are the best option if you want to give your house an aesthetic vibe, but this fiber has some downsides, too, that are noteworthy to consider before buying one.

1. Soaks Oil

Despite its water-resistant property, olefin carpet absorbs oil pretty quickly. We recommend not using this carpet in the kitchen, dining area, or areas where food accidents can happen.

2. Not Prone To Heat

One of the features to look for when buying an Olefin carpet is its heat-sensitive property. Although the carpet fiber won’t melt, it can get severely damaged.

3. Easily Damaged By Friction

Moving furniture causes friction

Olefin carpets can be easily damaged by friction. For instance, when moving your furniture, you have to be very careful with the carpet.

4. Durability

Olefin carpet is not as durable as other carpet fibers like nylon or polyester. It is best recommended to use this carpet in low-foot traffic areas like basements or porches.

Using it in high-traffic areas will make it worn out in less than a year or two.

5. Resiliency

Resiliency is the elasticity of the carpet to regain its shape when there is more foot traffic on it. In this case, olefin carpet fiber is the less-resilient than other carpet fibers.

Comparison Between Nylon vs. Polyester vs. Olefin Vs. Wool- which one to buy?

There are four common types of fibers that are used in making carpets, and each one has its own benefits and disfavors.

Which type of carpet you should buy depends on foot traffic, accidental spills, and which environment you live in.

1. Nylon

Nylon carpet
  • Nylon is the most expensive carpet fiber.
  • Suitable for areas with a lot of foot traffic and busy family.
  • Nylon has good resiliency and is stain-resistant.
  • Nylon is known for its flexibility in creating various types of carpet styles.

2. Polyester

Polyester Carpet
  • Polyester carpet fibers are not as resilient as nylon but are softer than nylon carpet fiber.
  • This fiber is water-resistant and can be easily cleaned.
  • Polyester has excellent color clarity and retention.
  • It is considered a more environment-friendly option than nylon but is not the best option if you have high-traffic areas in your home.

3. Olefin

Olefin carpet
  • It is a solution-dyed fiber means the carpet is dyed when it is made.
  • This fiber is not as resilient as other carpet fibers.
  • Olefin carpet fibers are best known for their stain-resistant property and can be a better option than laminate.
  • It is best suited in areas that have abundant sunlight and low foot traffic.

4. Wool

Wool Carpet
  • It is a natural and soft fiber.
  • This natural fiber gives a luxurious touch to your home.
  • It is considered more durable and resilient than olefin.
  • Wool carpets are ideal for places with high or low atmospheric humidity and moisture.


Olefin carpets are emerging as the trending carpets because of their versatile, affordable, and stain-resistant properties.

But as the saying goes, “Nothing is perfect in this world” same goes for the olefin carpets. Despite coming with a package of advantages, it also comes with certain disadvantages.

The decision to buy the Olefin carpet comes after knowing “What is Olefin carpet”.


Is olefin a good carpet material?

Yes, olefin is good carpet material if you are looking for a more budget-friendly option. However, the Olefin carpet is not a good option if you have a busy family at home.

What is the lifespan of olefin carpet?

Despite the fact that olefin material is stain-resistant and has other qualities, it is not durable. The average lifespan of an olefin carpet is only 3 years.

What is olefin carpet made of?

Olefin carpet is made from polypropylene. It is a type of plastic that gives the ability to be water and stain resistant.

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