How To Make High-Traffic Carpets Look New?

If you have heavy furniture that has been sitting on your fluffy carpet for ages, then the chances of dents on your carpet are higher. And “How to make high-traffic carpets look new?” is a common question in your busy mind.

However, not only your furniture but your big family also contribute to staining and giving indents to your precious carpet.

How To Make High-Traffic Carpets Look New

And these situations are unavoidable. No matter how much you clean, you’ll always miss a small peck of dirt that will irritate you.

Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to revive your ancient carpet of the ice age era.

How To Make High-Traffic Carpets Look New?

There’s no denying that kids and pets are worst when it comes to staining the carpet. Here are a few trusted methods you can use to keep your carpet looking like new:

1. Vacuum Regularly

Make High-Traffic Carpets Look New

Vacuuming your carpet regularly is paramount. It not only removes dirt but also removes any dust mites from the carpet that may cause harmful issues in the long run.

We recommend vacuuming your carpet at least once a week. Ensure not to use the vacuum too hard on the carpet and to clean thoroughly.

2. Steam Clean

Using a steam cleaner on your carpet is an eco-friendly way to deep clean your carpet. It removes any bacteria and harmful microorganisms living on your carpet.

It is recommended to deep clean your carpet using a steam cleaner once or twice a year.

3. Use rugs or mats

Use rugs

Using rugs or mats in high-traffic areas in your home will prevent your carpet from getting stained or wear and tear.

These rugs and mats come in different styles, designs, and colors. Choose one that compliments your home and your carpet.

4. Deep clean your carpet

Deep cleaning your carpet using a carpet cleaner is another way to make your carpet look like new.

It is recommended to use a carpet cleaner carefully every few months for better outcomes.

Make sure you don’t overspray the carpet cleaner on your carpet, as doing it can also result in discoloration and marks.

5. If you have pets

How To Make High-Traffic Carpets Look New- when you have pets

If you have pets, then you have to be extra careful as your pet can shed hair along with pet danders that are as harmful as bacteria.

To avoid this, regularly groom your pet to prevent shedding on your carpet.

We recommend grooming your pet twice a month.

This is how you can remove your pet’s hair from the carpet.

6. Stain remover

Another essential thing to keep in mind is to remove stains as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the faster it will get ingrained into your carpet.

Also, make sure to use a stain remover of a good brand. Using a cheap solution can do permanent damage to your carpet.

How To Remove Carpet Dents From Fluffy Carpet?

fluffy carpet

Carpets are not only damaged by stains but also by heavy furniture. Here are a few tips you can use to remove dents from your carpet:

1. Using a blow dryer

Just like a blow dryer adds volume to your hair, it can also be used to restore the fluffiness in your carpet.

  • Dampen the affected area.
  • Hold the blow dryer 2 inches away from the carpet and use your fingers to separate the fibers of your carpet as you move the hot air from the blow dryer.
blow dryer on carpet
  • Repeat the process and finish it by vacuuming the carpet.

2. Heat the carpet fibers

If the affected area is bigger using an iron will make the process much easier.

  • Wet a clean towel and place it on the affected area of the carpet.
  • Set the steam iron to medium-high heat.
steam iron on carpet
  • Place the steam iron over the wet towel and move it back and forth for 1 minute.
  • Now, remove the towel and run your fingers over the fluff of the carpet.
  • Repeat the process if necessary.

3. The ice cube method

  • Place an ice cube on the dented area and allow it to melt.
ice cube on carpet
  • It’ll take an hour for the ice to melt completely, or you can use a hairdryer to quicken the process.
  • Use your fingers to fluff the carpet when the carpet is thoroughly wet.

4. Baking soda and vinegar

You can also use a solution of baking soda and vinegar to remove the dent from your carpet.

  • Begin by applying baking sp+oda on the affected area and rub it gently using a stiff brush.
Baking Soda
  • Allow the baking soda to soak into the carpet overnight.
  • Finish it by vacuuming the carpet.
  • Next, mix vinegar and water equally into a spray bottle and coat the area.
vinegar spray bottle
  • Raise the pile using a brush and let it dry.
  • Clean using a clean cloth or towel.

5. Using shaving cream

Using shaving cream is another method to restore your carpet.

  • Begin by applying a layer of shaving cream.
  • Let it rest for 15 minutes.
  • After the cream is absorbed into the carpet, use a damp cloth to blot the area and pick up any residue left.
shaving cream
  • Repeat the process until any residue is left on the carpet.
  • Use a dry cloth to extract water and air dry the carpet.

6. Using a carpet rake

This is the last resort to revive your carpet.

Buy a carpet rake from a hardware store or online and run it across your carpet in different directions until the affected area gets revived.

How To Make Faded Carpets Look New?

If your carpet is old or if you have high-foot traffic on your carpet, then it’s likely to get faded in some areas. Fortunately, there are some tricks that can save you money from replacing the whole carpet.

1. Carpet cleaner

carpet cleaner solution

This solution is a savior for your faded carpet.

However, using a solid carpet cleaner may result in discoloration.

  • To begin this process, make a solution of 2 cups of warm water, a few drops of dishwashing detergent, and a capful of ammonia.
  • Spray this mixture on the carpet and wait for 5 minutes.
  • Wipe it off using a damp sponge or clean cloth.

2. Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide
  • Make a mixture of three parts of hydrogen peroxide and one part of water in a spray bottle.
  • Spray this solution onto the carpet and let it sit for 15 minutes.
Hydrogen peroxide mixture
  • Clean any excess liquid with a clean cloth or sponge.
  • Rub the area with steel wool to compose the carpet’s fiber.

3. Ammonia

  • Start by mixing 2 cups of water and 1/2 cup of clear ammonia, one capful of dishwashing liquid, and two big tablespoons of baking soda in a plastic container.
  • Spray the mixture onto the affected area and scrub the brush or cloth into the fibers.
  • Leave the solution for 5 minutes and rinse it with cold water.

3 Ways To Prevent High-traffic To Damage The Carpet

1. Move your furniture more often

move your furniture

You can prevent high traffic by moving furniture to new settings. This will develop a new walking path, preventing wear and tear and also dents on the carpet.

However, it is recommended to regularly vacuum your carpet and get it professionally cleaned to get better results.

2. Watch the steps

Watch the steps

The area most affected by high traffic is the stairs. Even if you grab the handrail, the walking happens in the middle and gets torn or fades quickly.

You can try to change your walking pattern on the stairs. For instance, try walking on the side of the stairs.

3. Types of carpet

Types of carpet

When shopping for a carpet, be wise and buy a carpet that is suitable for your high-traffic home.

Consider the resiliency and durability of the carpet, along with the patterns and designs of the carpet.

For instance, you can buy Berber cut piles, level loop piles, or frieze carpeting that are made for heavy use.

But buying olefin carpets for a high-traffic area is a big mistake as they are less durable and have a high possibility of wear and tear.


How to make high-traffic carpets look new? This question is always on the mind of people having a big family and a lot of furniture.

However, it is not a tricky process to follow. You just need to know some tricks and how to carefully use them.


How to make your carpet fluffy again?

There are a few solutions you can use to make your carpet fluffy again, like using baking soda and salt, vinegar, and water, and lastly, using a steam cleaner.

How to clean old carpet?

You can clean it by regularly vacuuming it or using a carpet cleaner. However, before proceeding, make sure to know the material of your carpet and then use any cleaning products.

How to make high-traffic carpets look new?

There are many reasons your carpet has started looking old, like high foot traffic and heavy furniture. Fortunately, there are some solutions that you can use to prevent this problem.

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