How Much Does It Cost To Stretch A Carpet?

Carpet is the most common decor material in your house that gives it a lively vibe, but over the years, the carpet starts to get rippled and needs re-stretching but “How Much Does It Cost To Stretch A Carpet?”

How Much Does It Cost To Stretch A Carpet

When your carpet gets rippled, it becomes more difficult to vacuum it.

In this guide, we’ll provide insights on how much it costs to stretch a carpet and how you can do it by yourself.

What Is Carpet Stretching?

Carpet stretching is a process of removing any ripples, bubbles, bumps, etc., from the carpet and securing its edges tightly.

The service includes using a power stretcher that will remove the ripple and restore the look of the carpet.

Carpets often get buckled due to the following reasons:

However, you can use these methods to prevent the carpet from buckling.

What Are The Benefits Of Carpet Stretching?

The Benefits Of Carpet Stretching

There are a plethora of benefits of stretching the carpet. Here are some:

1. Carpet stretching gives a new look to the carpet.

2. Prevent hazards like tripping over the rippled area of the carpet.

3. Increase the value of your home or office when selling it.

4. Carpet stretching is a cheaper option than replacing the carpet.

5. It also allows you to extend the life of your carpet in an inexpensive way.

Carpet Stretching Process

Here is a breakdown of the process if you are thinking of stretching the carpet by yourself.

1. Move all the furniture from the carpet

Move the furniture from the carpet

Moving furniture without taking precautions can result in ruining the carpet completely.

Before moving the furniture, ensure it’s light in weight by emptying the items from the furniture. Also, disassemble any bulky furniture to make it easier to move.

2. Clean the carpet

Clean the carpet

Clean the carpet deeply by vacuuming and shampooing the carpet.

This process requires you an entire day so that the carpet dries off completely before the stretching process.

3. Peel the back of the carpet

Begin this process by removing the two sides first. Be sure not to over-stretch the carpet as it will damage the carpet fibers.

You can also use this opportunity to clean the space underneath your carpet.

4. Replace the old tacks

Remove the old tacks and tack stripes using a claw or a hammer, and install the new set.

Remember to place the tacks 1/4 of an inch apart from the tack stripes.

5. Stretch out the carpet

Stretch out the carpet

Stretch the carpet tight enough and secure it with a knee kicker.

Make sure not to apply too much force while stretching the carpet, as it may ruin the carpet even more.

6. The final step

The last step requires you to trim off the excess carpet from its edges. This process will give a clean and finished look to the carpet.

However, we recommend letting the professional do this job as they come with professional knowledge and tools, and it’ll also save you time.

Carpet Stretching Vs. Carpet Replacement- Which Is Better?

There’s no doubt that carpet stretching is a cheaper option than replacing the carpet. As for replacing the carpet, you will need to buy a new carpet.

On the contrary, carpet stretching requires working on the existing carpet, and no purchasing cost will be sustained.

Furthermore, the maintenance cost required for the carpet will be reduced once the rippled area is stretched.

However, we recommend considering both options carefully. It will prevent you from spending money on unnecessary process.

How Much Does It Cost To Stretch A Carpet?

Cost To Stretch A Carpet

Carpet stretching is a process of getting rid of bubbles and ripples from the carpet, making it tight.

  • The typical carpet stretching can cost you between $100 to $300.
  • When you hire a local carpet stretching professional, it’ll cost you at least $100 for a single room.
  • However, the cost for more than one room will range from $40 to $80 per room.

Some contractors can also give you an estimate on hourly or on the basis of per square foot.

  • For hourly- $60 per hour
  • For per square foot- $0.35 per square foot.

If you have a Berber carpet, the contractor may charge you a higher price because they are more challenging to work with.

The Cost Factors

The following factors affect the cost of carpet stretching:

The Age of the Carpet– If your carpet is old enough, then it has more chance of tearing and ripping. The old carpet requires more care and time to stretch.

Extreme Damage- Sometimes, the carpet backing or subfloor necessitates replacement rather than carpet stretching. The cost of replacing the pad and the carpet ranges between $2-9 per square foot.

However, if you want to replace the plywood subfloor in a 300-square-foot room, then it will cost $555 or $400-600 with labor and material.


Although carpet stretching is more economical compared to replacing the carpet, but you must ensure to check what works for your carpet and then opt for the suitable option. 

How much does it cost to stretch a carpet? Well, this depends on how much work your carpet needs, the age of the carpet, and many more factors.


Can the carpet be stretched without moving the furniture?

Stretching without moving the furniture will make the process more challenging.

However, you don’t have to move all the furniture from the place. Just move the furniture from where the carpet needs stretching.

Should I clean before or after the stretching?

You should clean after the stretching is done. Stretching the carpet will cost you approx. $100-$300, and cleaning it will cost $180.

How much does it cost to stretch a carpet?

It depends on various factors. For instance, if you have Berber carpet or your carpet is very old, it will need a lot of work, and the contractor will charge you higher.

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