Does Carpet Make a Room Warmer?

Keeping your house warm in intense winters can be a challenge, and using heaters for long hours leaves you with long energy bills. But it is said that carpets can help you in staying warm. Is that true? Does Carpet make a room warmer?

In this guide, we aim to find out the truth behind this and see whether something as simple as a carpet can help you in adding more warmth and reduce your bills.

Does Carpet Make a Room Warmer

How Do Houses Lose Their Heat?

How Do Houses Lose Their Heat

Just like how humans lose heat from the top of their heads and the bottoms of their feet, houses, too, lose heat from a variety of channels.

These channels include doors, windows, floors, etc., which forces you to use the heater more, increasing your electricity bills.

As such proper insulation is essential for trapping heat and keeping your home warm.

Does Carpet Make a Room Warmer?

Carpet Make a Room Warmer

Yes, carpets make a room warmer by trapping heat and providing maximum insulation.

A carpet’s or room’s insulation is measured by its R-value or Resistance value. So higher the R-value, the greater would be its insulation.

You might have noticed that your carpets are naturally warm on a cold morning as compared to hard surface floors. This is because of your carpets high R-value.

Why Are Carpets Good Insulators?

Are Carpets Good Insulators

Did you know 10-20% of heat loss in a home happens because of uncovered floors?

By leaving your floors uncovered, you automatically lose a quarter of your home’s warmth, causing an increase in heater bills.

So, does carpet help insulate your home?

Good-quality, thick carpets have an excellent conduction rate, which helps in trapping air. So if you run your heater, the right Carpet would trap the heat, keeping your room warm.

In fact, carpets offer 10x more insulation than hard floor coverings.

Different Types of Carpet Padding & Its Impact on R-Value

Types of Carpet Padding

As you already know, a carpet is installed over padding, and installing the carpet takes some to be effectively completed with perfection. This adds an extra layer between you and your floor, providing you with more insulation and warmth.

Did you know different types of carpet padding have different levels of impact on the R-value? Here’s how it looks:

  1. Urethane Carpet Padding: This type of padding offers the highest level of r-value and insulation. The r-value will differ slightly based on the thickness. However, it won’t hold up well in areas with high traffic.
  2. Fiber Carpet Padding: This one offers mid-level r-value and is great for high-traffic areas.
  3. Rubber Carpet Padding: Rubber padding has the lowest r-value, but it is a popular choice among homeowners because of its durability mainly.
  4. Memory Foam Carpet Padding: This one does not last for long, especially in high-traffic areas, but it offers decent r-value and a lot of comforts.

Benefits of Using Carpets For Insulation in Winters

Benefits of Using Carpets For Insulation

Here are some most common benefits of using carpets for insulation in Winter:

  • Provides good insulation: Although Carpet in itself does not create heat, it helps in retaining it. Carpets are made of millions of fibers woven together that help in trapping air and provide insulation. Additionally, it also acts as a barrier between the heat in your sub-floor and your home.
  • Saves energy bills: Did you know that homes without carpets in Winter are most likely to pay 6-12% more energy bills? By using carpets, you can increase the insulation in your house, which will make you use your heater less and thereby help you in saving some money.
  • Adds character to your home: Carpets are not only good insulators but can also be a great decor item for adding some character to your house.

Wrap Up

Carpets are great insulators and can help you in staying warm in fierce winter seasons. It also helps you in saving money, and the best part is most of us already have carpets in our homes.

In the end, it is just a matter of what type of Carpet can benefit you the most and in what way you can benefit from the warmth of your Carpet the most. 

We hope this article on does carpet make a room warmer answered all your questions.


Is it safe to put heater on carpet?

We do not recommend you put a heater, humidifier, or any other electrical appliance on your carpet. It is best if you keep your heater on a nonflammable surface.

Which is the best type of carpet material for adding warmth?

In order to retain maximum warmth in your house, you can use wollen carpets as they are naturally warm, or you can also use thick carpets with high stitches for retaining maximum heat.

Are rooms with carpet more warm?

Yes, since carpets provide insulation and help in trapping air, rooms with carpets are usually warmer.

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