Do Carpet Fitters Adjust Doors?

Have you experienced a bare clearance of doors after installing a carpet under it? This can be due to thick & high piles of your newly brought carpet that does not adjust well underneath the gateway. In such a case, do carpet fitters adjust doors? Or do you have to replace your wall-to-wall with a new one?

Let’s find out!

Do Carpet Fitters Adjust Doors

Who Are Carpet Fitters?

Who Are Carpet Fitters

Generally, carpet fitter is a term used for carpet installers! These fitters are professional in laying tight-fit rugs that last until you rip them off to lay a new one.

These fitters have great experience in measuring the exact area of the region and then cutting the carpet according to every commercial or residential space.

That means a carpet fitter can easily accomplish the things that you can’t do as a DIY installer!

Why Does The Carpet Not Fit Under Door?

Why Does The Carpet Not Fit Under Door

We can’t say that poor door clearance always happens, but in some cases, carpet owners forget to measure the space under their doorways before buying a new rug, which leads to great chaos.

This is especially because people are only conscious about the color, pattern, texture, and warmth of the carpet. And due to this, they end up buying a high pile carpet for a bare door clearance region.

If such a thing happens to you, it is preferably better to call carpet fitters rather than going for a self-installation project!

Do Carpet Fitters Adjust Doors?

Do Carpet Fitters Adjust Doors

Carpet fitters are those professional installers who can adjust any door to lay a carpet if needed. They can ensure that the door opens and closes smoothly after the carpet installation, even if they have to trim the bottom section of the doors for it.

Professional carpet fitters take care of the carpet and the door and ensure that the layout does not damage the functionality of a room’s closing.

However, it is often found that a few professional fitters tight-fit the wall-to-wall with power stretchers but do not check the door clearance. And as a result of this, the home owners complain about the imperfect outcome.

Hence, it is viable to inspect each corner, gap, and door clearance with a significant focus and tell the fitters instantly after installation. Also, observe the columns and edges of your wall because they are at a high risk of having an improper fit.

What Carpets Are Best For Areas With Tight Fit Doors?

What Carpets Are Best For Areas With Tight Fit Doors

For a great finish, finding the right type of carpet is as important as finding the right furniture for a room because carpet not only makes a room cozy and comfortable but also adds contrasting colors to accentuate the beauty and aura of a space.

If you also want to find such carpet that looks beautiful and fits well under your doorways, then,

Consider The Door Clearance

Consider The Door Clearance

For proper clearance, you have to measure the middle of the doorway and then add 2 to 3 inches to your overall outcome. If your doorway is on either side of the room, then you can add 5 to 6 inches to your total measurement.

If you want to adjust the door gap according to your existing carpet, then trimming can be a method you can apply. For this,

  1. Place a piece of plywood (1/2″ ) on the hinge side of the door.
  2. Then, measure the region between the plywood and the floor up to the bottom of the hinge and then calculate the same distance from the hinge’s bottom.
  3. After measuring, make small marks on the door and cut it to the length, leaving a 1/2″ gap under the door.

By this method, you will end up placing a right-fitted carpet with smooth clearance on the door!

Find The Pile Height Of The Carpet

Find The Pile Height Of The Carpet

A carpet’s pile height is the total height of its fibers, excluding the backing under it. It is typically classified as low, medium, and high pile due to their varying pile height and weight.

To understand them better, let’s discuss them one by one!

Low Pile Carpet

Low-pile carpets have short fibers with less bounce and a fluffy texture. Such carpets have dense fiber placement, which are aligned together tightly. Hence, they are best to place in a room with low door clearance.

These low-pile carpets are also great to use on hallways because of their low dirt, grime, and allergens trapping capacity and easy cleaning. With this, it can also bear high-traffic regions, making it more durable than other pile options.

Medium Pile Carpet

The carpets having pile height between ¼ inch and ½ inch are termed as medium pile. They are cozy and comfortable and insulate a room in winter.

This type of carpet is also easy to clean and has low dust trapping capacity, but if you have pets in your home, then their hairs tangling on the medium pile rugs can be a big concern for you.

This carpet type has an easy door clearance. However, if your door already has a narrow clearance space, you must measure the gap between the doorway and the floor once.

High Pile Carpet

High-pile carpet brings amazing comfort and fluffiness to a room with its long fibers and creates a soft cushion under the feet. They have great insulating and noise reduction capacity but are deficient in terms of door clearance.

That is why you can only choose this carpet type if your doorway has good space for adjustment or you are employing carpet fitters to fit it well.


Carpets can be a big trouble when it comes to proper door clearance. So you may think: “Do Carpet Fitters Adjust Doors?”

However, this question can only be answered after you figure out how much area your door has because only then can you learn about the types of carpet piles that suit your room type well.


Do carpet installers remove doors while fitting?

If the carpet fits well under the doorway, then fitters don’t have to remove doors. But in case of a tight fit and impaired clearance, then carpet fitters may need to pull out the door for trimming.

Can the door touch the carpet?

If the door is capable of moving and has a proper clearance, then there is no problem with the door touching the carpet. But if the door does not open or closes smoothly, then it means you have to call carpet fitters for proper installation.

Is it important to have a gap between the door and the floor?

A door with a gap is safe from moisture and allergens and is good for carpet fitting. This gap may provide a great space to lay even a high tile carpet, which is difficult to adjust underneath tight-fit doorways.

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