Can You Put Wooden Flooring Over Carpet?

Sometimes, it isn’t easy to clean the carpet, as it consumes a lot of time and effort, and after several cleanings, these carpets get dull. In such a case, it is obvious to think about some alternatives of carpet replacement or to install wooden flooring above it. But can you put wooden flooring over the carpet? And will the flooring stick on top of the rug as it abides on the flooring?

Can You Put Wooden Flooring Over Carpet

Let’s break it down and also go through some other aspects of this question simultaneously. So that you can better understand if you really can go for the wooden flooring above carpet option or not.

Reasons To Choose Wooden Flooring Over Carpet?

Reasons To Choose Wooden Flooring Over Carpet

If you are searching for carpet replacement options or alternatives that you can use to cover the rug, then it’s evident that you are tired of its cleaning process and immense chances of wearing and tearing.

Carpets are soft and fluffy, but when they reduce over time, their softness also degrades. This degradation usually starts every 4 to 5 years or even earlier if you don’t take proper care of it. Due to this reason, you may think to go for other flooring options that are more durable and withstand for long run.

In view of this, wooden flooring is the most economical option, that is elegant and long-lasting. And you don’t have to deep clean wooden flooring as you do for your carpet. Instead, you can vacuum the flooring every day and wipe the filths with a mob without worrying about its drying.

Can You Put Wooden Flooring Over The Carpet?

Can You Put Wooden Flooring Over The Carpet

When it comes to installing different flooring in the room, people generally go for a complete replacement option. But if the question strikes your mind that you can do the installation without replacing the rug, then it means that you don’t want to get involved in the heavy carpet-ripping process.

Before you think about this alternative, you should know that most of the rugs are fluffy in nature, and if you install wooden flooring over it, then you will feel a bounce whenever you walk or jump over.

Other than this, it is challenging to stick the wooden flooring over the carpet because of its un-flat and bulged characteristics.

After knowing all these problems, the question stands: can we really do it?

Well, yes, you can surely do it with some extra care and precautions, such as ensuring that the rug is flat and does not have uneven surfaces. By this, you can make sure that the carpet will not spring or bounce and the flooring will lay perfectly over it.

What Kind Of Wooden Flooring Can You Put On The Carpet?

What Kind Of Wooden Flooring Can You Put On The Carpet

If your rooms have low-pile carpet, then you don’t have to worry much about the flooring to stick in its place. This is because the low pile carpet is thinner and does not have deep padding like a fluffy one.

And if your rooms have thick, high-piled carpets, then you have to worry because you have to spend some extra time and money on the installation process.

In such cases, place plywood because the direct wood floor placement will not stick on the carpet well, and your flooring will move from its place whenever you walk over it.

You can install laminate wood flooring and luxury vinyl flooring over the carpet because both of them have excellent interlock base systems and are budget-friendly options.

How To Install Wooden Flooring Over Carpet?

How To Install Wooden Flooring Over Carpet

Flooring over carpet is not an easy task to do, but it’s not impossible to achieve either. For this, you have to inspect the carpet and the wooden flooring material as discussed above and then proceed according to the results you got. But before this,

  1. Inspect the condition of the floor under the carpet because if it is damaged and has cracks, slopes, and molds, then whatever flooring you place over it will not last for a long time. In such cases, you can call a professional for your help.
  2. After examining all these points, install plywood over the carpet after measuring the size of ply. Lay plywood in the opposite direction of the flooring and secure its multiple sheets with tape at the closure. By this, you can lock the wooden flooring in its place without nailing or gluing it.
  3. Ensure to keep an ¼ inch expansion gap between the plywood and the wall, and start covering the planks of flooring from the corners. Do not hurry while the installation process to reduce the chances of unwanted gaps and bulges.

Now it comes to fixing wooden flooring over plywood, and there are three main methods of fitting: floating, gluing, and nailing.

  1. The floating method involves laying the wooden floor over the plywood without involving the nailing or gluing methods.
  2. The gluing method gives full coverage of flexible wood adhesive to the plywood.
  3. In the nailing method, the nails are put through the base of the wooden boards neatly to secure it in place.


Carpets are the most elegant flooring option, but they get soiled easily. And if you don’t remove these filths on time, then this will result in attracting molds and mildew.

As a result, these tiny fungi will harm your family members and pets, so if you don’t get much time for regular cleaning, then it’s obvious to ask, “Can You Put Wooden Flooring Over the Carpet?”

Also, if you are looking for home gym flooring over the carpet, putting wooden flooring over the carpet is the best option.


Is wooden flooring a more expensive option than carpet?

If you calculate the whole installation process and consider the durability of a wooden floor, then the carpet is more expensive option.

Hardwood installation can cost between $12 to $25 per square foot, whereas carpet may cost about $7 to $15 per square foot installation.

Which transition strip can I use between plywood and wooden flooring?

You can use a T mold strip between plywood and wooden flooring because this strip has two pins that stick on both sides well. Besides this, the transition strip will help in keeping the floor in its place.

Is it better to use wood flooring instead of carpet on the stairs?

Stairs have maximum chances of slipping and ripping, and carpets can enhance the chances of such occurrences. To reduce this possibility, use a wooden floor on stairs as it will be a more durable and easy-to-clean option than a carpet.

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