Are Bissell Carpet Cleaners Good?

There are several carpet cleaners present in the market, and one of the most prominent among them is Bissell carpet cleaner. But “Are Bissell Carpet Cleaners Good?”

Carpets may seem to be the most elegant part of room decor, but their exquisite look vanishes when they get dirty. This dirt can be caused by anyone, such as your pet or children, or due to some oil or food spill and can only be treated with a carpet cleaner.

Are Bissell Carpet Cleaners Good

Carpet cleaners provides deep cleaning by jetting water with cleaning solutions to blast off all the filth from the carpet. This is mainly done with the help of cleaning sprays, suction techniques, and brushes present in the carpet cleaner. So, if you have any idea about how to clean the carpet, then this machine can be handy for you.

By this method, carpet cleaners remove stains and foul odors from the carpet altogether; that is why you have to be a little considerate before buying a carpet cleaner for your room’s rug.

Advantages Of Using A Carpet Cleaner

Advantages Of Using A Carpet Cleaner

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a dirt carpet may have several filths, including pet pee or feces, everyday dirt, allergens led by cockroaches, toxic airborne gases, and other dust mite infestations.

These filths and pollutants can cohere in the carpet’s fiber and be released throughout the day while you are vacuuming or walking above it.

With time, such pollutants can contaminate the air inside your room, causing respiratory infections and nose irritation, and can trigger asthma. And if you and your children are constantly in contact with a dirty rug, then you are highly exposed to any of these diseases.

To cure this problem well, you have to clean your carpet with a carpet cleaner from time to time. This cleaning habit will not only save you and your children but also your carpet from growing molds and mildew. As these molds can reduce the lifespan of the carpet and make your rug lose fibers with time.

Are Bissell Carpet Cleaners Good?

Are Bissell Carpet Cleaners Good

Bissel carpet cleaner is a lightweight, portable, and high water storage capacity cleaner, which captivates its users with high performance and better cleaning results.

Several reviews remark that Bissell Carpet Cleaner gives the best cleaning results and is highly efficient without arduous efforts. With this, Bissell steamers make cleaning efforts easy, whether it be some deep embedded dirt or fresh stains.

They are also capable of removing the wax of crayons, the stubborn marks of oil or food spills, and your pet’s feces marks without leaving any patch or discoloration behind. Based on these reviews, we can assert that Bissell carpet cleaner is one of the most effective cleaning machine available around us.

How To Use Bissell Carpet Cleaner?

To use this deep cleaning technology, you first have to remember a few points related to the cleaning technique and trick to assemble the cleaner perfectly. By this, you can avoid the risk of destroying the carpet fibers and causing chaos during the cleaning process.

Points To Remember

1. Prepare the carpet cleaner in advance to avoid confusion while using it.
2. Test the cleaner on a hidden part of the carpet or any old rug having the same fabric. By this, you can check if your poured quantity of solution is causing any discoloration to the rug or not.
3. To avoid stiffness on carpet fabric, do not pour boiling water into the clean water tank of carpet cleaner.
4. Always plug off the cleaner while adding or removing water and solution in the carpet cleaner.
5. It would be best to not treat Solvent-based spots with Bissell Pro Heat Carpet Cleaner, as it can damage the plastic module.

Prepare You Carpet In Advance

Before you jump into cleaning directly, it is essential to prepare your room’s carpet and Bissell carpet cleaner in advance. Because this pre-preparation can help you remove old set-in and other initial filths well without leaving any patches behind. For this,

Vacuum Your Carpet

Vacuum Your Carpet

This is the most initial and vital step of cleaning because it will suck in all the dry dirt and your pet’s hair and make your carpet ready for wet cleaning. To make this step work well,

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner or wooden broom to dust off every dry debris well.
  2. Use a brush and gently comb your carpet’s fiber to clean stuck hairs from the carpet.
  3. Clean the corners well, as they are exposed to foot traffic the most. 

Remove Furniture From the Carpet

Remove Furniture From the Carpet

If you want to clean the carpet entirely without leaving any stain, then shift your room’s furniture to another room. But before this,

  1. Pack the decorative pieces that may be present on your furniture and remove them calmly to an empty box.
  2. Cover the corners and legs of your furniture with polystyrene.
  3. Shift the small and medium size furniture to a nearby room.
  4. Leave the big furniture if you can’t shift, and drag it to the corners opposite to where you are cleaning.
  5. Vacuum again to remove the dirt spread while shifting.

Use Carpet Shampoo Or Detergent To Clean Over-Stained Regions

Use Carpet Shampoo Or Detergent To Clean Over-Stained Regions

Some stains are hard to remove even after using carpet cleaner again and again. So, to treat them quickly in order to avoid spots and patches on the carpet, you can,

  1. Buy a carpet shampoo from your nearby store and spray it evenly on the stain.
  2. If you are using a laundry detergent, then take a scoop of detergent powder and pour it into 2 cups of lukewarm water, and after this, spread it precisely on the stain.
  3. Run the stain with a scrubber and leave it for 5 minutes to let the cleaner settle.
  4. Wipe the stained region with a damp towel to remove the solution from the region.

Setup Your Bissell Carpet Cleaner For Cleaning

For this step, you need to know the exact way how to fill the solution into the water tank, set the dial, and run the cleaner. And to get this right, you have to follow each setup procedure one by one, as mentioned below,

1. Drag the lever of the water tank to the back side of the container, and pull the cover up to uncap the clean water tank.

2. Pour hot water in the water tank up to the first mark and carpet cleaning solution to the other mark of maximum point.

Pour hot water in the water tank up

3. If your Bissell carpet cleaner has a separate formula tank for solution, then pour the solution there.

4. You can use any Bissell Carpet Cleaning Solutions, such as Bissell Deep Clean Pro Max Clean Solution, Bissell Pro Heat 2X Revolution Max Clean Solution, Bissell Oxy Boost Carpet Cleaning Formula Enhancer, for best cleaning results.

5. Adjust the cleaning dial according to the level of dirt your carpet is carrying, such as light option for less filth and stains, normal for medium dirt, and heavy for hefty crud.

cleaning dial according to the level of dirt

6. Turn on the floor cleaning option by rotating the dial present in the upper part of the water tank.

7. Plug on the cleaner and pull down the power and heat button to turn it on.

pull down the power and heat button To Understant "Are Bissell Carpet Cleaners Good?"

Clean Your Carpet With Bissell Carpet Cleaner

After all the initial cleaning and cleaner installing process, here comes the primary deep cleaning process. But during this step, remember to be attentive and move at a normal pace to avoid over or less saturation of the carpet. For this,

1. Pull up the cleaner’s trigger and move back and forth while covering a small region of carpet at a time.

2. Leave the trigger and drag the cleaner from the same spot where you have just cleaned. By this, the cleaner itself will suck back the solution mixed with oil and filth.

3. Continue the process with two consecutive wet and dry strokes to remove the spots completely.

Continue the process with two consecutive

4. Empty the soiled water from the dirty water tank into the sink and fill some fresh water again into the clean water tank. But this time, do not pour the solution in the cleaner as this step removes the solution from the carpet.

5. Give 2 to 3 wet and dry strokes of clean water until the carpet stops spilling solution foam.

6. Dry the carpet under the sun or a big fan for 3 to 4 hours until the moisture evaporates completely.

Are Bissell Carpet Cleaners Good? | Conclusion:

The right carpet cleaner can bring back the warmth and comfort of your carpet by giving it a spotless finish without much effort.

And if you are wondering, “Are Bissell Carpet Cleaners Good?” which can fulfill your desire to have the right cleaner then you should know that it is an advanced cleaning technology with Triple Action Advanced Brushes and heat wave technology to blast out all the filth from your carpet. This feature of Bissell Carpet Cleaner makes it one of the best among carpet cleaners.

Are Bissell Carpet Cleaners Good? | FAQ’S:

Which is the best model of Bissell carpet cleaner?

You can use any model of Bissell carpet cleaner, such as Bissell 2-in-1 Proheat 2X Lift-Off Pet,  Bissell SpotBot Pet Handsfree, Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Plus, for a perfect spotless wash.

Can I use Bissell carpet cleaner as a vacuum cleaner?

Carpet cleaners are designed to draw out set-in stains with wet cleaning techniques, so you can’t use Bissell carpet cleaner as a vacuum cleaner.

Should I pour hot or cold water into Bissell's carpet cleaner?

You can pour water at any temperature in Bissell carpet cleaner, but it is recommended to fill hot water as it loses the dirt quickly and removes all greasy stains from the carpet well.

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