4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Carpet For Bedrooms

In America, carpet is the most popular flooring choice due to its decor versatility, nonslip surface, and excellent sustainability. It is majorly opted for its functionality and addition of a great balance of style. This is what all you need from flooring, right? But why do professionals suggest for carpeting a bedroom, and what are the 4 reasons why you should choose carpet for bedrooms?

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Carpet For Bedrooms

People mainly associate the concept of carpeting with living rooms and hallways. This is majorly due to the style and comfort that a wall-to-wall offers. But because of its easy staining property and static current carrying capacity, many homeowners don’t find a rug safe for their bedroom.

This is a logical approach, but it does not justify why you can’t rug up your personal space!

If you choose wisely, then a carpet can do wonders in elevating every corner of your home, including your bedroom. HOW? Let’s find it out!

Is Carpet The Best Flooring Option For Bedroom?

Is Carpet The Best Flooring Option For Bedroom

Bedrooms are known for providing “me time” to every individual after all the rush and hard work. It is known for adding a balance of comfort and warmth to refresh you away from the world of stress and worry.

However, it is a personal preference whether you want to add soft flooring like carpet or a hard one like laminate or hardwood in your bedroom. But if you want your sleeping chamber to maintain a quieter and more comfortable environment, then the carpet is the option for you…

A carpet will bring along a cozy adobe and change the whole ambiance of your room. It will add a premium touch to your room decor and give a safe playing and resting zone for your kids and pets.

Hence, carpet is an unbeatable flooring choice for bedrooms!!!

How To Select The Best Carpet Type For Bedroom?

How To Select The Best Carpet Type For Bedroom

If you plan to lay a carpet in your bedroom, then be considerate about its type and choose the best color for your bedroom because the wrong carpet option can ruin the whole aesthetic of your room and make it look messy. Also, it can call upon several carpet bugs and allergens if you do not give it adequate time for upkeeping.

You can buy a high pile of polyester or wool wall-to-wall with neutral shades like cream, beige, grey, brown, etc. If you have pets, kids, or the elderly at home, then you can choose a plush carpet, such as a cut pile or shag.

These carpet options are super soft and comfortable for both kids and elderlies. Additionally, they hide footprints of filthy foot traffic. Other than plush wall-to-wall, you can also select a Barber carpet with textures and patterns. This carpet option also looks new for a long.

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Carpet For Bedrooms

Carpet Guarantees Safety
Carpet Guarantees Safety: If you have pets and kids who like to play, run, stroll, and relax on the floor, then there is nothing safer than a carpet. This is because the amazing soft flooring like carpet prohibits the chances of injuries even if your little ones fall over it. Besides this, it also creates a protective environment for elderly people who spend most of their time in bedrooms. However, a carpet may lose its fiber and safety features over time, but with proper cleaning and adequate care, you can enhance the usual lifespan of your carpet by restricting the filthy footfall and chances of spills.

Source Of Warmth
Source Of Warmth: A carpet has a great insulating property! So, if you are someone who wants his sleeping chamber to feel cozy and warm, especially in winter, then you should definitely opt for carpet flooring. This flooring will help you save your pocket by keeping your heating bill down and making your bedroom warmer for a long. 
To maximize this warmth, you can choose a high pile thick carpet option for your bedroom and add any underlayment or carpet padding underneath it. You can also layer an area rug over the carpet and keep the doors and windows closed to prohibit air inflow.

Adds Comfort & Style
Adds Comfort & Style: The bedroom is all about comfort, and a carpet can help you easily elevate that feature. A carpet is made with dense and closely packed fibers that add a great cushion. Other than comfort, your beloved wall-to-wall adds beautiful patterns in different textures and styles. These textures and styles suit every room corner and enhance the ambiance and decor of a bedroom. So, if you want to add something new to your bedroom that enhances comfort and, at the same time, adds excellent textures and patterns, then choose carpet flooring with neutral color. Make sure that it is thick and is 2 to 3 tones up from your wall color. 

Noise Dampening Property
Noise Dampening Property: If you have both hardwood and carpet flooring in different rooms, then you might have found that a room with carpet flooring is quieter than one with hardwood. This is especially due to the noise-dampening property of your carpet. This amazing soft flooring acts as a buffer that absorbs sound waves coming from the neighborhood. It also reduces the foot noise and sound of something falling in the room. Hence, to improve your bedroom acoustics, you can definitely lay carpet flooring with a deep pile.

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Carpet For Bedrooms | Wrapping Up

Are you planning to renovate your bedroom floor and unsure whether you should choose carpet flooring over laminate and hardwood? Then discover “4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Carpet For Bedrooms”

By this, you will easily figure out what features a carpet may bring to the table. Also, you will make up your mind whether you want this soft flooring over any hard flooring or not.


How much does a carpet cost for a bedroom?

If you want to lay a carpet in a 10X12 bedroom, then it will cost you between $500 to $800, but if your bedroom is 12X12, then you have to pay around $1000 for this installation.

How long does the bedroom carpet last?

Usually, a carpet laid in a bedroom lasts for 10 to 15 years, but this lifespan can be increased if you take proper care of your wall-to-wall with regular vacuuming and periodic deep cleaning.

How often should you vacuum a carpet laid in the bedroom?

You should vacuum your bedroom carpet at least once a week and two to three times a week in seasons where the carpet traps pollen more frequently.

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