10 Common Mistakes While Choosing Carpet

Buying a brand new carpet to enhance the room’s ambiance is a pretty good call, as they can offer an added layer of protection to your room decor. But if you are a newbie in carpet buying, then you can be fooled by retailers. If you don’t want to let this happen, then you should first learn: “10 Common Mistakes While Choosing Carpet”.

10 Common Mistakes While Choose Carpet

A carpet can be a big purchase that can change the whole decor and aura of your room. So, ignoring a few points just because you are unskilled in the carpet industry can make you pay a big price. This payment can be in the form of choosing the wrong carpet material or being charged extra for cheaper material.

To prevent this from happening, we’ll help you find out what common carpet-buying blunders people usually make and how you can avoid them!

Points To Keep In Mind While Buying Carpet

Points To Keep In Mind While Buying Carpet

If you are inexperienced with carpets, then make sure to surf a little about their types, material, cost, and lifespan. You can also consult a nearby retailer, but do not trust him completely. Visit several carpet experts and one who owns it in your neighborhood.

If you are going to carpet your bedroom, then you can choose a high pile, wool blend wall-to-wall with medium to high durability. This material will not only add insulation with noise cancelation properties but also feel soft on bare feet.

For a high-foot traffic region such as the living room, hallways, entryway, and dining area, you cannot rely on a durability rug. Instead, you need a special wall-to-wall with excellent lifespan and strength to bear walkers.

For this excellent strength, you can opt for a medium pile or looped wall-to-wall with higher-density construction. You can select a polypropylene or wool rug for the material.

How Much Does A Carpet Cost?

How Much Does A Carpet Cost

The cost of a carpet depends upon several factors, such as its quality, method of construction, type of carpet fibers, and size. For example, if you select a polyester carpet, then it will cost you around $1 to $3 per square foot, and if you choose a wool, then you have to pay approx. $5 to $26 per square foot.

If you are laying a brand new carpet, then you have to add the labor and installation charge to the final cost of the carpet.

After adding all the factors, including material and labor charges, the overall cost of your carpet can range from $3 to $11 per square foot. If you also want to remove your old carpet with padding, then add $1 to $5 to your final outcome.

10 Common Mistakes While Choosing Carpet

Check The Material & Price
Not Checking The Material & Price: Just because carpets look the same does not mean they will perform the same! This is because different carpet materials have different prices and types, and they vary in quality as well. If you want high-durability wall-to-wall, you can consider nylon as your top choice, but if you want to add comfort and coziness to your room, you should prioritize wool rug. Different retailers will provide you with different price quotations for the same material. But do not rush to select the cheapest option; first, compare all the materials and their quality and discover the reason for their low cost. By this, you will end up getting the best carpet option for your home.

Choosing Wrong Carpet For Wrong Room
Picking The Wrong Carpet For The Wrong Room: For every newbie, it is obvious to buy the wrong carpet option for the wrong room. This is especially due to the excitement of getting something new for home renovation. But unfortunately, this excitement may cause you to select a bad-functioning rug for the wrong room. As discussed above, you can afford to get a medium or low-durability carpet for your bedroom, but you cannot do the same with your living room and hallways. Hence, be a little particular about the pile and material of the carpet. 
You can get a fluffy, high-pile rug with loose weaving for your bedroom, as it does not undergo high foot traffic and spills. Due to this, you do not have to deep clean it frequently. But try to avoid such carpet piles in your living room as it is harder to clean thoroughly and lose fibers over time. 

Taking Wrong Measurement
Taking Wrong Measurement: If you want a fully carpeted home, then before heading towards the market, remember to measure the length and width of your room by laying the measuring tape on one end of the wall and extending it up to the other end of the opposite wall. Now add 2 to 3 inches to your overall measurement to avoid the chances of the carpet being left short due to cutting and edging. 
Other than this, if you are planning to lay an area rug on a particular section of the room, then also measure the section with a measuring tape and add a few extra inches to it. 

Pick Perfect Carpet Padding
Picking Cheap Quality Carpet Padding / Underlayment: Padding can be your carpet’s first base or foundation. It can provide great cushion, strength, and stability to the rug and avoid the chances of wearing and tearing. Good padding can also prohibit the chances of slipping due to rug displacement. 
Other than all these features, carpet padding can also increase the insulating capacity of your floor and absorb the outdoor noise. Keeping all these features in mind, lay a dense rubber or foam material padding in high foot traffic areas, such as the living room, entryway, hallways, and your kid’s playing section, and fix light padding in low foot traffic zones, such as bedrooms and guestrooms.

Unprofessional Installation Strategy
Opting For Unprofessional Installation Strategy: If you are planning to lay your brand new carpet as a DIY project, then stop! First, find out if you have a proper DIY carpet installation strategy and all the essential equipment. This is because an unprofessionally installed wall-to-wall can damage the whole ambiance of your room and make it look messy and mismanaged. If you do not have any prior experience with this installation project, then it is viable to hire a professional carpet installation service or contact the retailer for this business.

Buying Carpet By Looking At Brand Or Promotion
Buying Carpet By Looking At Brand Or Promotion: Who doesn’t like discounts and freebies? It makes the whole buying experience exciting. But unfortunately, these discounts and offers have several hidden costs that you will find out after going for the installation procedure. To promote the brand, a company may give you underlayment for free with an extra 5% to 20% discount, but it will charge you for every subfloor leveling, seaming tape, track strip, etc. To avoid getting caught in such promotional ads, make sure to find out the complete cost that the company is going to charge you, from material buying to its complete installation.

Disregarding Warranty & Return Policy
Disregarding Warranty & Return Policy: A carpet may have a number of warranties, such as 5 to 20-year warranty on 10% loose fibers, warranty covering staining and matting protection, wearing & tearing warranty, crushing warranty, etc. With this, it may also have a return policy with a full refund within 30 to 60 days. Ensure that you learn about all the warranty coverage, terms and conditions attached to it, and return policy before you buy the carpet. With this, also enquire about the possibility you have if you are dissatisfied with your purchase after the installation.

Assuming Expensive Means Better
Assuming Expensive Means Better: While buying a carpet, it could be your biggest mistake to make a purchase by looking at the price tag. Because, in most cases, a particular carpet is not expensive due to its quality but due to its branding. So, instead of relying on some premium carpet brands, shop for a wall-to-wall that suits your lifestyle and has a good lifespan. Explore several options throughout the market and compare all of them depending on what they are bringing to the table at a particular price. 
To avoid confusion, you can make a clear list of qualities you need in a carpet and what maximum cost it can hold. Also, you can make a budget on how much you can pay for the carpet of a specific room. If you are planning to lay a wool carpet in the bedroom and a synthetic rug in the living room, then make the price estimate according to the material as well. This is because the wool wall-to-wall will cost you more than a synthetic one. 

Choosing Carpet Only On The Basis Of Appearance
Choosing Carpet Based On Appearance: While choosing a carpet, it is essential to discover its durability, pile type, unstaining capacity, and functioning in a particular region, such as on stairs and entry way. You cannot simply select a rug due to its appearance and vibrant colors. A wrong carpet choice, especially for living rooms and other high-foot-traffic regions, can enhance your cleaning efforts and cause you to lose fibers before their original lifespan. 

Opting Wrong Color Option
Opting For The Wrong Color Option: A carpet can either elevate the beauty of your room or can be a complete disaster. This disaster is mainly caused by the wrong color selection or by opting for large and vibrant patterns. Such carpet can make your room look messy, even if it’s clean. To avoid such a situation, make a list of colors that you can use. Also, discover the patterns (small or big) that will match the aesthetic of your room. For ease of selection, you can buy a carpet having 2 to 3 shades up from your wall. Besides this, you can also choose a carpet with contrasting shades of furniture and upholstery placed in your room. 

Worrying About Weight
Worrying About Weight: It is often found that many carpet retailers charge extra for some extra ounces. They usually claim that the higher the face weight of the carpet, the better its quality. But this is just a big myth! The face weight of the carpet does not guarantee its high quality or better durability. Instead of this, the weaving structure of carpet, pile type, material, and its density plays a significant role in adding extra strength to your wall-to-wall. A few carpet types are always heavier than others, but that does not imply that it is better functioning.

10 Common Mistakes While Choosing Carpet | Wrapping Up

If you are planning to buy a brand new carpet, finding “10 Common Mistakes While Choosing Carpet” is essential. This will help you pick the right carpet type, depending on the kids and pets and also depending on your room’s aesthetic.

Before you pick any rug, make sure that you compare it with other available carpet materials and identify why it is good for your particular room. Also, make sure that the color and pattern of your carpet match your room decor so that you don’t end up getting a messy space.

10 Common Mistakes While Choosing Carpet | FAQs

Which carpet color is perfect for my living room?

If you have light-tone furniture in your living room, then you can select grays, blues, and earthy tones wall-to-wall to lay on its floor. But if your living room is spacious, then you can also lay a darker shade carpet.

What carpet type lasts longer?

A nylon carpet is a resilient, stain and abrasion-resistant material that lasts for 15 to 20 years. It is the most suitable carpet material for living rooms, hallways, and other high-foot-traffic regions, especially if you have pets and kids at home.

What area of the home does not need carpet?

It is essential to lay a good quality carpet in the bedroom, living room, and playing zones. Additionally, the stairways are also a good choice to rug up, but you can avoid laying carpet in the entryway as they are at high risk of getting filthy feet and developing molds and mildew over time.

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