19 Back To School Hairstyles 2024

Are you excited to take a grand entry back to school? Of course, we are not talking about the extravaganza entry in a limo, but we are talking about becoming the talk of the town through your cute hairstyles and even through back-to-school nail ideas. Here are 19 back to school hairstyles 2024, and trust us, these are the easiest hairstyles making waves on the internet.

19 Back To School Hairstyles 2024

In this article, we have covered all of it, from cute to simple to curly girly hairstyles. So, let’s get started with the article and opting for the best hairstyles to make your first impression.

19 Back To School Hairstyles

1. Celtic Knot Style

    19 Back To School Hairstyles 2024- Celtic Knot Style

    To make this hairstyle, either use a curler to curl your hair or use the technique of heatless curls by going to bed in a big braid and waking up to wavy hair.

    The next step is to pull back the front pieces in either small braids, a bobby pin design, or a fun twist like the one given in the picture.

    2. Half-Up Hairbow

    19 Back To School Hairstyles 2024- Half-Up Hairbow

    This is a perfect hairstyle for anyone looking for a cute updo. For this, you just have to wake up in the morning with heatless curls and add some touch-ups and a shine gloss to your hair.

    So, instead of pulling the hair all the way through on the last tie, you leave a loop through which you split and fold the ends of the hair, creating the appearance of a bow. Secure it in place with bobby pins and a spritz of hairspray for extra hold.

    However, if you want to keep it simple then you can also opt for a easy to attach hairbow pin like shown in the picture.

    3. Wispy Dutch Braid Updo

    19 Back To School Hairstyles 2024- Wispy Dutch Braid Updo

    Wispy Ditch Braid Updo is a big side braid and soft wispy hair make a perfect hairstyle for any Tuesday. If you have short hair, then simply braid your hair on the side and if you have medium hair then making a knot at the back of your neck will give it a finished look.

    It’s ideal for keeping hair neatly tucked away while offering a touch of sophistication and ease. This versatile updo lets you transition smoothly from classroom to after-school activities, ensuring you look put-together throughout the day.

    4. Faux Bubble Braid

    19 Back To School Hairstyles 2024- Faux Bubble Braid

    The Faux Bubble Braid is a playful and easy-to-create hairstyle. It looks soft and sweet but is not so easy to create unless you watch a tutorial on how to make it.

    To achieve this look, start by pulling your hair into a high ponytail. Then, add small elastic bands every few inches down the tail, gently tugging at the sections between the bands to create the “bubbles.”

    This style works well on both long and medium-length hair and is especially eye-catching when accessorized with colorful elastics or ribbons.

    5. Dutch Braid Space Buns

    19 Back To School Hairstyles 2024- Dutch Braid Space Buns

    Dutch Braid Space Buns is the perfect combination of the two trendiest hairstyles. This look begins with creating two Dutch braids on either side of the head. It starts at the hairline and braids back towards where the buns will sit.

    Once the braids reach the crown, the remaining hair is twisted into two fun and flirty space buns. Additionally, the incorporation of braids adds texture and interest, making Dutch Braid Space Buns a stylish yet practical option.

    6. Big 3-Strand Braid

    19 Back To School Hairstyles 2024- Big 3-Strand Braid

    The Big 3-Strand Braid is a timeless back-to-school choice that marries simplicity with style effortlessly. It is a versatile, easy to master, and sure to turn heads in the hallway.

    This hairstyle is the perfect blend of functionality and fashion, making it an ideal choice for students who want to keep their focus on their studies while still looking put-together.

    7. Girly Space Bun Updo

    19 Back To School Hairstyles 2024- Girly Space Bun Updo

    As the school year kicks off, the Girly Space Bun Updo emerges as the perfect back-to-school hairstyle for anyone looking to inject fun and flair into their daily look.

    This playful hairstyle splits the hair into two high buns, creating a whimsically youthful vibe that’s both stylish and practical.

    8. Pigtail Dutch Braids

    19 Back To School Hairstyles 2024- Pigtail Dutch Braids

    Pigtail Dutch Braids are a charming and efficiency-forward hairstyle ideal for the back-to-school season. This look involves creating two Dutch braids on either side of the head and also ensures hair is neatly secured and away from the face.

    Besides being practical, Pigtail Dutch Braids exude a trendy vibe, allowing you to showcase their personality and fashion sense.

    9. Curly Ponytail With A Scrunchie

    19 Back To School Hairstyles 2024- Curly Ponytail With A Scrunchie

    This effortless look elevates the classic ponytail by adding volume and texture through luscious curls tied together with a scrunchie for that extra pop of color or texture.

    To create this look, simply put your hair in a ponytail, secure it with a cute scrunchie, and curl the ends of the ponytail according to your preferences.

    10. Side Braid With Low Ponytail

    19 Back To School Hairstyles 2024- Side Braid With Low Ponytail

    This hairstyle starts with a graceful braid on one side of the head that seamlessly merges into a low ponytail, creating a polished and refined appearance.

    The side braid adds a touch of intricacy and flair, distinguishing this look from a standard ponytail.

    Moreover, it’s perfect for managing your locks throughout a day of classes and extracurricular activities while keeping your hair neatly tied back and out of the way.

    11. Easy Bubble Ponytail

    Easy Bubble Ponytail

    Easy Bubble Ponytail is a retro look perfect for Fridays or any day. To achieve this look, simply tie your hair into a ponytail and add small elastics at intervals down the length, gently tugging at each section to create the “bubble” effect.

    Quick to style and comfortable to wear, the Easy Bubble Ponytail ensures you can focus on your studies while looking stylish.

    12. Half Down Space Buns

    Half Down Space Buns

    This playful look involves sectioning off the top half of your hair and creating two buns on either side of the head, reminiscent of adorable ‘space buns,’ while letting the rest of your hair flow freely down your back or over your shoulders.

    It’s an excellent choice for those seeking a hairstyle that’s both eye-catching and practical for a full day of classes.

    13. Curly Pull-Through Braid

    Curly Pull-Through Braid

    This style creates the illusion of a complex braid but is actually achieved by sequentially pulling ponytailed sections through each other, resulting in a beautifully intricate weave of curls.

    It’s a great way to manage and showcase curls, keeping them controlled and out of the face during the school day, while also providing a stunningly unique look.

    14. Down With A Twist

    Down with a twist hairstyle is achieved by taking a few strands from both sides of the face, twisting them, and then securing them at the back with bobby pins or a small hair tie.

    It’s versatile enough to suit any hair type or length and can be easily embellished with accessories like ribbons or decorative clips to match school colors or personal style preferences.

    15. V-Braided Top Knot

    V-Braided Top Knot

    Starting with a central part, this style features two tight braids on either side of the head that converge into a neat top knot at the crown, This creates a V-shaped silhouette that is both eye-catching and sophisticated.

    This hairstyle is not only practical for keeping hair tidily away from the face during study sessions and extracurricular activities, but it also adds a modern twist to the traditional bun.

    16. Top Braids

    Top Braids

    Top Braids are a timeless and versatile hairstyle admired globally across various cultures. From the classic cornrows and box braids to the artistic Fulani braids and sophisticated French braids, each variant offers a distinct look.

    Top Braids can be adorned with accessories like beads and rings to add extra flair. This hairstyle is also suitable for various events, other than back-to-school.

    17. Wavy Perfection

    Wavy Perfection

    This hairstyle, characterized by its soft, natural-looking waves, adds a touch of elegance and personality to any school outfit. It’s suitable for all hair lengths and types, ensuring anyone can achieve this look with minimal effort.

    Moreover, it’s also a fantastic way to express individuality while adhering to school dress codes, proving that you can look polished and trendy without compromising on comfort or functionality.

    18. A Messy Bun

    A Messy Bun

    This easy-to-achieve look is perfect for those busy mornings when time is of the essence but style cannot be compromised. It keeps hair neatly out of the face, ensuring focus and comfort throughout the day.

    Beyond its practicality, the Messy Bun serves as a canvas for personal expression, allowing embellishments like scrunchies, clips, or even a few loose strands to frame the face for a softer effect.

    19. Clipped Up

    Clipped Up

    Clipped-up hairstyles are gaining popularity among girls all over the world. This style involves using hair clips, barrettes, or claw clips to effortlessly secure hair in place, adding both flair and practicality to any school look.

    It’s incredibly versatile, accommodating everything from a full updo to a half-up, half-down style, and works well for all hair lengths and textures.


    In conclusion, this guide on “19 Back To School Hairstyles 2024” is the ultimate guide for you to stand out in the crowd.

    So, whether it’s one of those days where you are too lazy to get out of bed or just looking for something easy peasy, this guide has got your back.

    Remember, the key to a great hairstyle is creativity and confidence, so don’t be afraid to try something new this school year!


    How can I keep my hairstyle intact throughout the school day?

    Using the right hair products for your hair type can make a significant difference. Investing in a good hairspray or hair gel will help maintain your style from the first bell to the last.

    Do I need any special tools or products?

    Most of these hairstyles can be done with basic hair tools and products like a hairbrush, hair ties, and bobby pins. Some styles might require a hair straightener or curling iron to achieve the look.

    Are these styles time-consuming?

    The time required varies per style; some can be achieved in just a few minutes each morning, while others might need a bit more time and practice. There’s something for every schedule!

    Can these hairstyles be done on short hair?

    Absolutely, several of the mentioned hairstyles are perfect for short hair, and with a little creativity, most of them can be adapted to suit shorter lengths.

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