15 Back To School Gifts For Students 2024

Coming back to school is the most exciting time for many students, and teachers nowadays spend a lot of time welcoming them by preparing a surprise or a gift. If you are also thinking of surprising your students, then this guide on “15 Back To School Gifts For Students 2024” is just made for you.

15 Back To School Gifts For Students 2024

From innovative tech gadgets that make studying a breeze to personalized supplies adding a touch of uniqueness to their daily routine, we’ve curated a list of 15 back-to-school gifts guaranteed to put a smile on any student’s face.

15 Back To School Gifts For Students

1. Happy Box

15 Back To School Gifts For Students 2024-Happy Box

The Happy Box stands out as an exceptional back-to-school gift for students, embodying a heartwarming blend of motivation, care, and practicality.

The beauty of the Happy Box lies in its customization; you can handpick items that resonate with your student’s preferences and academic needs, making it a deeply personal and thoughtful gesture.

This delightful surprise is sure to keep the excitement and positivity flowing throughout the school year.

2. Hydro Flask

15 Back To School Gifts For Students 2024-Hydro Flask

A Hydro Flask makes for an ideal back-to-school gift for students, seamlessly blending functionality with style.

This durable, high-quality water bottle keeps drinks ice-cold for up to 24 hours or piping hot for up to 12 hours, thanks to its superior insulation technology.

Moreover, it is also available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles, it can be easily personalized to match any student’s taste or school gear.

3. Monogrammed Key And Wallet

15 Back To School Gifts For Students 2024-Monogrammed Key And Wallet

This is the perfect gift for any student. A monogrammed key and wallet set will help them keep their school ID, learner’s permit, and any other important cards in place.

Moreover, to make it extra unique, engrave their initials onto a sleek wallet and matching keychain. This will also ensure their valuables are easily identifiable.

4. Rainbow Bagel Kit

15 Back To School Gifts For Students 2024-Rainbow Bagel Kit

A Rainbow Bagel Kit emerges as a delightful and creative back-to-school gift, perfect for students who love to dabble in the kitchen.

Complete with all the necessary ingredients and straightforward instructions, students can craft their own stunning, Instagram-worthy rainbow bagels right at home.

It’s an enjoyable way for them to take a break from their studies and indulge in a bit of creative expression.


15 Back To School Gifts For Students 2024-Bookmarks

The next on our list are the bookmarks. Bookmarks make for a thoughtful and practical back-to-school gift, especially for student bibliophiles or those diving into heavy reading lists for the year.

With an endless array of designs ranging from inspirational quotes and vibrant illustrations to personalized themes and characters from popular culture, there’s a bookmark to match every student’s tastes and interests.

6. Backpack Keychains

15 Back To School Gifts For Students 2024-Backpack Keychains

Backpack keychains make excellent back-to-school gifts for students of all ages. These accessories come in different styles and even colors.

Moreover, from motivational quotes and cute animals to favorite characters and custom name tags, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every student’s personality.

7. A Dough

15 Back To School Gifts For Students 2024-A Dough

Gifting “A Dough” as a back-to-school surprise offers a delightful twist to the start of the academic year for students.

Available in irresistible, vibrant colors and even scented options, A Dough can transform breaks and study times into moments of relaxation and innovation.

8. Highlighter


Highlighters, as back-to-school gifts for students, are both practical and thoughtful. These vibrant markers are essential tools for effective studying, allowing students to underscore critical passages, annotate texts, and organize notes with a pop of color.

Make it more unique by attaching a personalized message tag on each highlighter set.

9. Pop Toys

Pop Toys

Pop Toys, especially the popular silicone bubble-popping toys, make for an exciting back-to-school gift for students.

These fun and colorful gadgets are not only perfect for playtime but also serve as excellent stress relievers and focus enhancers during study sessions or classes.

With their satisfying pop sound and tactile engagement, they help students calm their minds, manage anxiety, and maintain concentration.

10. Candy


A carefully selected assortment of candies can serve as a delightful encouragement, peppering the return to class with excitement and joy.

From chocolate bars that melt away first-day jitters to gummy bears that add a burst of fun to lunch breaks, candy can act as a small reminder for students to find moments of happiness in their day.

11. Glow Sticks

Glow sticks, with their enchanting luminescence, make an unexpectedly delightful back-to-school gift for students.

They can be used to decorate lockers, brighten up nighttime study sessions, or simply as a playful accessory that adds a spark of joy to their day.

12. Watter Bottles

Water bottles make an exceptionally practical and environmentally friendly back-to-school gift for students.

A personal water bottle can be a constant companion at their desk, in their backpack, and during sports activities, ensuring they stay hydrated and ready to tackle the challenges of the school day.

Plus, with the variety of designs and features available, each student can have a water bottle that reflects their personality, making hydration both fun and fashionable.

13. Positive Message Pencils

Positive Message Pencils

These are not just ordinary pencils; they are imbued with words of encouragement, motivation, and affirmation.

As students jot down notes, solve problems, or sketch ideas, they are constantly reminded of their worth, capabilities, and the positive mindset they should carry throughout their academic journey.

This simple yet impactful gift can boost their confidence and morale, especially during challenging moments or exams.

14. Personalized Pencil Bag

Personalized Pencil Bag

A Personalized Pencil Bag stands out as a thoughtful and functional back-to-school gift for students. Tailored to reflect the unique personality and interests of each student, these pencil bags add a personal touch to their school supplies, making them feel special and valued.

Beyond just holding pencils, these bags can organize erasers, sharpeners, and other small essentials, ensuring that students are prepared for whatever the school day throws their way.

With their name or a special design on the bag, students can easily identify their belongings, reducing the risk of mix-ups and losses.

15. School Supplies

School Supplies

Gifting students with school supplies as they head back to school is an excellent way to set the tone for a productive and organized academic year. This thoughtful gesture can range from essential items like notebooks and pens to more specialized tools depending on each student’s grade level and subjects.

Moreover, receiving new, quality school supplies can boost students’ excitement and motivation, encouraging them to approach their lessons with enthusiasm and readiness.


In conclusion, selecting the right back-to-school gifts for students is about infusing their academic journey with joy, practicality, and inspiration.

From the delightful surprise of glow sticks to the environmentally conscious choice of water bottles, each gift carries with it a message of support and encouragement. Even if your kids are home-schooled, then also you can gift them these perfect gifts for homeschoolers this back-to-school season.

Altogether, these “19 Back To School Gifts for Students 2024” serve not only as tools for learning but also as reminders of the care and support that surrounds the students as they embark on another academic year, ultimately setting a positive tone for the days to come.


Is it necessary to spend a lot on back-to-school gifts?

Not at all. The thoughtfulness and practicality of the gift are what truly count, not the price tag. Simple, meaningful gifts can be just as impactful, if not more so, than expensive items.

Are there any eco-friendly back-to-school gift options?

Yes, options like reusable water bottles directly promote environmental sustainability by reducing plastic waste. Choosing gifts made of recycled or sustainable materials also supports eco-friendly practices.

Can back-to-school gifts really make a difference in a student's academic performance?

While back-to-school gifts primarily aim to excite and motivate, they can indirectly influence a student’s academic performance by fostering a positive mindset, aiding organization, and encouraging healthy habits like staying hydrated.

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